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We strive to achieve constant excellence in all the production cycles and systems to ensure quality. Tostem is here to ensure development and construction get the best results with proven product quality and performance.

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Wind Pressure Resistance

Withstand wind pressure that helps to keep your building safe in a variety of situations.

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Water Tightness

Prevent infiltration of rainwater and of other fluids into the room.

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Air Tightness

Maintains infiltration and exfiltration, thus preventing uncontrolled air leakage.

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Noise Insulation

Insulate sound between rooms to ensure your comfortability.

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Strive to Achieve Constant Excellence

TOSTEM engages in product development, manufacturing, and marketing of a diverse range of home products, such as aluminium windows and doors, entrance doors, and exterior products. Our product portfolio allows us to provide complete “lifestyle solutions” that are flexible, integrated, and coordinated to consumer needs, delivering everyday satisfaction.


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