Safe & Comfortable Space During COVID-19

According to EPA, ensuring proper air circulation with outside air can help to reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses, indoors. Proper air circulation also benefits indoor air quality by reducing exposure to products used for cleaning and disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces.

TOSTEM AirFlow System

With understanding of dweller’s need and comfort at heart, TOSTEM invented and developed window and door that create air circulation in the living space without relying on energy for better air quality, cooler and unpleasant odor-free.

Another factor that TOSTEM keeps in mind during design process is safety and security as TOSTEM AirFlow System is not only provide ventilation but also protect the living space from insect and designed to prevent burglary with secure anti-theft lock but easy to operate with TOSTEM locking system that will improve the security standard whether you are home of not. Our AirFlow System is in modern minimal style to fit in with any house design.

TOSTEM AirFlow System includes GIESTA AirFlow: steel wooden pattern door with integrated ventilation, AirFlow Door: ventilation door with sliding window for multiple ventilation levels and AirFlow Slot: slot for ventilation with flap in top-notch design compatible with various TOSTEM window designs seamlessly.




for your own comfort with minimal design

High performance wooden pattern steel door Giesta AirFlow series with integrated airflow window and insect screen is perfect combination that keeps design and housing comfort at heart. Giesta AirFlow allows air inside your house to circulate in and out all day to cool the living space, reduce humidity, remove unpleasant odor for serene ambience.

Invented to truly create soothing ambience and adding comfort to your home. Let the wind flow into the living space by opening ventilation panel without worrying as the airflow panel is wide enough to let the air flow in easily and too small to be entered from.

Raising security to another level with multi-lock function to lock and unlock by single lock at handle but securely lock 2 positions. Giesta AirFlow is Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) certified and guaranteed with Japan’s KIDS Design Award for its user-friendly and child safety design.

Provide passive ventilation environment
Complete air flow with security
Keep mosquito and pest away from your home


Tostem AirFlow Slot designed to truly boost living space ventilation performance as when opened, fresh air can flow in and reduce room’s temperature in daytime and when closed, dust and odor from outside is blocked to enter the living space. Insect screen will prevent insect and small animal to enter. The screen is detachable for cleaning and comes with minimal modern design, easy to operate smoothly and designed to combine with any window design in WE Plus and WE 70 series.

Inside view- Open

Inside view- Close

Bearing for easy open/close operation

Detachable insect screen for cleaning

(When closed) JIS A-3 Airtight performance certified, dust blocking