GRANTS is TOSTEM’s flagship series. It’s innovative design results in a larger surface area of glass for panoramic views. This takes the standard of aluminium windows and doors to another level.


ATIS is the latest innovation from TOSTEM. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, there are patented technologies and innovations in it. Created with an artistic and minimal design to build a photo frame on the wall, we want you to experience the beauty of life. ATIS is not just a window and door frame, it is a work of art that moves.


WE Plus has passed rigorous tests based on ASTM, and TOSTEM in-house’s toughest standards. Available in various designs with a maximum height of 3 meters to satisfy various designers needs in high-rise market.

WE 70

WE 70 series brings legendary TOSTEM quality to everyday life. Built for the mass market, yet maintaining strict quality standards. The WE 70 series is priced within everyone’s reach.

WE 40

WE 40 brings legendary TOSTEM quality to everyday life. Built for the mass market, they maintain strict quality standards.


VIEW Plus helps saving energy, saving electricity bill, and noise insulation by applying double-glass solution, maximum glass thickness of 28mm. VIEW series provide nice visibility as its name together with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) quality level.


Combining performance and beauty, E’Z gives you a sleek design of curtain wall with drainage system. E’Z assures both reliable quality and excellent value for businesses with uncompromising functionality. Suitable for shop-fronts and commercial buildings.


MATSU is simple shop-front facade designed with original parts from TOSTEM, fabricated and assembled in our factory. MATSU’s tough profile can connect with windows and doors in VIEW series, coming with competitive price and uncompromising quality.



INTERIOR SERIES, a luxurious and durable choice to divide interior living spaces. Available are the hanging type without floor track, sliding type with floor track, and swing type.



High quality wood-pattern or metallic finish-doors equipped with user-friendly handle with high security lock system gives better convenience to both family and visitors and make us feel glad to be home.

Better Quality, Higher Safety

TOSTEM is committed to developing the best products to meet customers’ requirements. Detailed inspections are carried out during design and testing stages to assess criteria such as basic performance, durability, weather resistance, and such. Only designs that pass strict quality-control tests are made into products for delivery to customers.