Tips for Choosing a Window for Your Every Room

2021-04-05 09:04:53, by TOSTEM INDONESIA

These Are How To Choose The Right Window for The Rooms in Your House


Lifestyle has a very important role in room designing, everyone has different tastes and needs. It’s not only about interior design and furniture, the openings and frames in the windows that will face the outside environment are also important. What type of window is the most suitable for your needs in terms of room function? 

Choosing A Window for Living Room


The living room, which is the space between outside area and personal space for family members, often functions as family room. In some houses this specific room is not intended for guests or visitors, but rather for family members to rest and gather together, making the atmosphere of the house warmer. 


When choosing windows for the living room, many chooses larger glass to better see the outside area. Families can enjoy relaxing time together here by looking at the beautiful scenery. Moreover, the atmosphere of the house becomes more comfortable, and of course, helps to refresh the mind.


Other than using large windows, you can choose sliding window or casement window with fixed panels to make your living room more comfortable. These windows will show natural scenery more freely while you enjoy the breeze that comes into your home. Additionally, if the family room is also equipped with a terrace, sliding door that connects the two rooms can be used.


Choosing A Window for Bedroom


The function of bedroom is different for each people. If simply used as a place to sleep or rest, then you can use a standard-sized sliding window. Casement window or top hung window to limit the incoming light that will help you to sleep better at night could also be used. But, if you use it for other activities such as watching TV, relaxing, and reading books, then you can install a large window to make the room feels more relaxed. The existence of curtain will also be very useful to limit the incoming light.

The position of window is also an important thing to note. As the window is the entry point for light and sound, you should not place the window over the head of the bed. It might cause discomfort while you sleep or rest. If you really need to place it at the head of the bed, you can use thick curtain or blind to minimize incoming light.


Choosing A Window for Workspace


The workspace is one of the rooms that you should pay attention to in every way. From the decoration, ventilation, and atmosphere to make you more concentrated while working. In order to keep the eyes safe and comfortable, sufficient light is needed. Sufficient lighting, good ventilation and comfortable atmosphere can strengthen your performance while working. So that the use of large windows can maximize the light that enters the space.


Other than that, you can also choose window that can be opened, such as sliding window, swing window, or top hung window to maximize air circulation, especially if there is no other ventilation in the workspace. Add plant decorations to freshen the view even more, bringing better atmosphere.


Choosing A Window For Bathroom


Sanitation is a very important part of the bathroom, as well as the presence of proper ventilation. Ventilation will greatly affect the air in the room, whether it feels fresh or not. Sufficient natural light that enters the bathroom can help kill bacterias so that the air remains fresh, preventing molds that often stick to the floor or on the walls. Top hung window is a great choice for bathroom area because it can be left open all day without compromising your privacy.


Choosing A Window For Kitchen


As a place to cook various types of food, using the kitchen can produce strong odors, making ventilation as a very important part of the kitchen. It is appropriate to use sliding window or other window that can be fully opened while cooking. This can be supported by the presence of a cooker hood to reduce food odors.

You can also install top hung window and louver window overhead to help air circulation throughout the day. Furthermore, separating kitchen from other area is something should be done if you have enough space. The use of sliding door is the best option. Sliding door can make things look more organized aside of saving space.

Those are some tips in choosing the right window for every room of your house. By implementing those types of windows in the rooms, every corner of your house shall become comfortable place. And of course, the homey atmosphere becomes everyone's dream.