This Is The Reason Why You Should Choose Folding Doors

2021-04-05 09:39:19, by TOSTEM INDONESIA

These Are The Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Folding Doors


The door is one of the most important parts in a building.With doors, a person can easily get in and out of a building. Even the aesthetic value of a building can be influenced by this piece. Do you know that the various types of doors that you often see in houses, offices and other buildings have their own uniqueness? There’s a type of door, folding type, which has its own uniqueness. Why does folding door become so unique?

Folding doors are unique as they can be used as temporary partition to divide a space, and can be flexibly folded back to create larger space. You can use folding door as a large screen opened to take the panoramic view of the outside.

The main components of folding door are door panels, operating method and hardware. To understand more about folding doors, know the following things.


Definition of Folding Door


Many people refer to folding door as a partition. In fact, folding door is a type of door that is opened by folding each door panel that connected by hinges. A wide open space will be generated when the folding door is opened. This type of door is indeed a breakthrough for those who want to create private rooms that can be converted into a public room. Available in both one end fold and also two ends fold type, that can be adjusted according to customers’ preferences. 


Door Track, A Vital Part of Folding Door


There are many components in a folding door. A set of high-quality hardware can help folding door works more efficiently for a lifetime. The main hardware is door track. Do you know, there are 2 types of folding door installation, which are double tracks and top track hanging door. In folding doors with double tracks, tracks are installed at the top and bottom of the door. Whereas in top track hanging door, there is only track at the top, so it requires a very strong hanger and a flat bottom track.

In choosing a good folding door, you should use door with the best brand. One of the best folding door brands is TOSTEM. TOSTEM has range of door types that you can use for your home, including folding door.

For the top track hanging door you can use TOSTEM WE70, which is designed with a barrier-free bottom track that has a special drainage system. This system can prevent rainwater leaks from outside, especially when the door is installed as an exterior door, separating indoor with outdoor space.



Folding Door’s Panel


TOSTEM folding door has various types of folding methods. Besides being able to be opened and folded to one side and two sides, you can also choose two ends folding door that opens from the middle which is commonly used in bigger buildings and larger rooms. We offer various types of opening for folding doors ranging from 4-, 6- to 8-panel. However, there are only two ends fold opening from the middle for 12- and 16-panel folding doors, as they both are very wide.


Hardware and Accessories on Folding Door


Realizing its function, TOSTEM specially designed hinge-less aluminum profile. This is safer and neater than the traditional hinges that have unsafe gaps between doors. We also added gaskets around the edge area which helps prevent finger injuries from being caught in the door. This feature is designed to ensure your safety and comfort every time you operate the door.


TOSTEM Folding Door


TOSTEM WE70 folding door uses aluminum frame, and is specially designed to suit your needs. Various designs can be selected to meet your needs. You can even customize them, choosing the number and size of door panels according to your space. To get the maximum results, you can consult our expert teams and TOSTEM dealers nationwide. This is one of the advantages of TOSTEM, we want the satisfaction of our each customers.

Our folding door can be used for variety of rooms and spaces, from indoor to the ones facing outdoor. For those of you who have business that requires large space, folding door is a practical and safe solution to divide your workspace. Make sure to choose the right door and size to ensure comfort during use.