Safe! This Is How The Door and Window Lock System in Your House Should Be

2021-04-05 09:41:04, by TOSTEM INDONESIA

Important, This Is How The Door and Window Lock System in Your House Should Be


In choosing doors and windows, you should not only consider the design or how it looks. As the safety factor is equally important, you have to know the lock system used. The performance of the lock system is for the quality of life and in-house safety. A good lock system will help to prevent intruders or thieves from entering the house. It can also prevent water leakage, dust, smoke and disturbing odors from entering your home. 


Conventional lock systems are widely used, especially for handles and keys. There are also new lock systems which allow you to lock better. These include the lock supporting system, which is an additional equipment hidden inside the door and window frame. To better recognize, let’s go through all parts of lock systems together.


Door Handle With Thumbturn Lock


A door handle with thumbturn lock is the most basic lock system. With this lock system, users only need to turn the thumbturn from inside the house to unlock the door. This dual lock system is suitable for those of you who live in residential area. Apart from its beauty, door handle with thumbturn lock is much more comfortable to use compared to door knobs. There are various types of these lock system categorized by ways of use, such as on automatic door lock in hotel room, etc.


Multi-Lock System


Safety and durability are things that must be considered in door and window lock system. By using multi-lock system, security and durability can be doubled. The name tells it all, there is more than one key in this lock system. These keys can be activated with just one click. This type of lock is very suitable for windows that require high degree of strength, such as windows that are installed in high buildings, which must withstand the wind at all times.


Security Locks on Sliding Windows and Doors


There is also lock system that specially made for sliding windows and doors. It comes with special mechanism to prevent improper lock. Another advantage, this type of lock system can be used to lock two windows at once. When the lock is activated, both windows cannot be opened. This lock system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sliding windows and doors.


Panel Anti-Lift Lock


This lock system can be found on sliding doors and windows. Installed on the outermost sliding panel, this panel anti-lift lock will prevent the door and window panels from being lifted from the outside. Therefore, it will help to increase the safety of sliding doors and windows, as well as to prevent accidents caused by falling off the rail.


Highly Secured with Sub Lock


To provide higher level of security for sliding doors and windows, you can add sub lock at the bottom of the frame. The sub lock system will be very helpful during intruder’s attempt. When the main lock is destroyed or damaged by intruder, the sub lock will help to lock the door and window. Therefore, sub lock system is offered to provide extra security apart from the main lock.

The lock system is a crucial thing to be considered when choosing doors and windows. In addition to their appearance and design, doors and windows should maintain a safe and comfortable living area with good lock system.