Comparison of Prefabricated Aluminum Door Window System

2021-04-05 10:01:37, by TOSTEM INDONESIA

Comparison of Prefabricated Aluminum Door Window System


Prefabricated system is not only limited to the core structure of a building. This also extends to other important components, including doors and windows. The use of prefabricated or precast doors and windows has so many advantages. Among those are in terms of design that can be adjusted to your preference. In this article, you can see the difference of prefabricated and traditional doors and windows. 


Aluminum Door Window System 


People in general are usually only aware of the traditional aluminum door window system, in which the contractors are required to find their own materials during manufacturing process. Mostly they buy aluminum bars that suit their needs and cutting by themselves, then assembling according to their needs. This system hasits own disadvantages. In most times, contractors cut and assemble aluminum bars in the workshop or location without using any machine. The results are often in the absence of precision and quality, especially when the aluminum bars used are in poor quality.


Prefabricated aluminum door window system can eliminate these imprecision and quality problems. In this system, the aluminum bars are compressed as designed and cut into desired length. Bored are also being done at the factory. This is to ensure that the quality is well controlled. In addition, all accessories are also manufactured by the same factory. Thus, the products are better in terms of quality, toughness, and durability. The most important thing, the length of time for prefabrication process can be precisely fixed in advance.


Self-Assembled Cars vs. Factory-Assembled Cars


When you are asked to choose between a self-assembled car or a factory-assembled car you would most likely choose the later. For self-assembled car, it is very possible that the mechanics are inexperienced or not certified. This also applies to aluminum door window systems. The products assembled by manufacturer and certified are of better quality. It has better resistance to dust, sound, water and sunlight.


TOSTEM has been awarded JIS door window certification from Japan. This is a testimony of its exceptional quality, which has gone through high standard tests. It was then transferred to Thailand to guarantee the quality of the product. It is ascertained that all of its products can be applied for a long time, aside of the best designs.


Close Attention to Well-Designed Doors and Windows 

Prefabricated doors and windows will generally go through control test in every step of manufacturing. Start from designing to installation. Every single step taken in the manufacturing process is ensured to be precisely correct, highly durable and lifetime. In terms of design, TOSTEM has over 50 years of experience designing every single detail of its products. Ensure the best quality for customers.





Standard Apparatus Specifically Designed for Doors and Windows 


All hinges, sliding wheels, and handles are designed simultaneously. This is to ensure that everything can be used smoothly, without any problem. Meanwhile, products purchased separately from various sources and then put together are not really compatible to one another. Therefore, malfunctioning often happens.


Reducing The Risks of Intallation Errors


Choosing prefabricated doors and windows may reduce the risk of errors. Since every component is made and assembled in the same place, before it is sent to the dealers. It ensures customers to immediately use high quality products, according to their needs. 


Same Product, Same Standard


As prefabricated door and window products come from the same source, it automatically makes the same standard in all products. So, when you buy TOSTEM products, from whichever dealer, you do not have to worry. All products are guaranteed to have the same quality. Besides, all TOSTEM dealers have passed intensive selection and product-savvy training processes. We ensure that the product quality delivered to customers in the best way possible.